Horses & Ponies For Adoption - Ready now or in the near future.

Do you live in Kent, or the surrounding area, and are you looking to offer a rescue horse or pony a home?

Can you offer the following basic requirements; Suitable secure paddock/field, with at least one other equine for company & either field shelter, good natural shelter or stable?
Are you able to afford all the costs associated with having a horse/pony? Loaner’s are responsible for all costs (unless stated otherwise) and you will need to consider the cost of feed, hay, worming, insurance, vet & farrier bills at least plus things like land rental or livery and all the items needed to provide your horse or pony with the care it needs.

All homes will be checked, references are required, and progress checks will be made. We have a strict no breeding policy, which must be adhered to. All horses/ponies are adopted out on a permanent loan contract, at no time is the adopter the legal owner of the equine, nor do they have the right to loan, lease or sell the adopted equine at any time.

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Little Major - 10 year old - Miniature Shetland (Gelding)

Feisty and full on Major is looking for a companion home.

Little Major has recently been castrated (July 2020). He has been entire all his life, therefore many of his stallion habits will continue for some time yet, and potential homes must have suitable fencing for smaller equines. He suffers from mechanical lameness, from an old injury but this does not effect him in any way other than appearing lame in trot, he would not be suited to living with a particularly sumbissive horse as he can be dominant. Adoption fee - £200.

Dusty - 10 year old - Miniature Shetland (Mare)

Perfect companion for another lamanitic pony, and ideal future childs pony.

Dusty is absoloutely full of personality, she is a lively full on little pony who adores attention and gives the best kisses! Dusty suffers from laminitis, therefore a home experienced in the management of lamanitic ponies is absoloutely essential, ideally with the facility to keep her in a grassless pen or stable if needed. Dusty has recently been introducded to a little rider, and while she had no previous ridden experience she is very content taking her little jockey for a lead rein walk as part of her daily exercise, she has also started to walk out and has been introduced to traffic etc. She has taken everything like a pro and we genuinely can't fault this lively little lady! Adoption fee - £200.

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Misty - Approx 20 year old, 13h - Welsh (Mare)

The ideal companion, typical mare and won't take any bother. Impecable manners, never sick or sorry.

Misty is a sweet, genuine uncomplicated little lady, she is in her twilight years alothough that far from holds her back! She has been ridden in the past, although wouln't be described as a first or novice pony as shes very forward going, she has not been regularly ridden for some time and we feel she would be best suited as a companion as her primary job. She could be suitable as a light hack for a competent rider, taking into consideration her age and level of fitness. Adoption fee - £200.

(NB, Misty is presently in a foster placement, which she has been in for a while so viewings would be by strict advance appointment only)

Candie - 7 year old - British Spotted (Mare)

Ideal show pony for an experienced adult or teen looking for a project

Candie is looking for an experienced home with an older child/teen or lightweight adult. She is not a novice ride, and requires work in the school, she has been taken to local cross country and enjoyed herself, has competed in hand showing, placing high, and is lovely to hack. Candie does have a very strong personality she will push boundaries and therefore requires an experienced home. She has stunning paces and would excel in the right environment. Tack not included. Adoption fee - £250

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