We have changed the way adoption applications are handled now, we invite potential applicants to tell us about themselves, what type of set up they have, what type of horse/pony they are looking for and what requirements there will be from said horse or pony. Initial applications don't need to be lengthly, we are purely looking at the basics so tell us about your location, experience, type of yard & what your expectations of a Pukka Pony would be. 

Here's an example of an ideal application; I am a mature rider with 25 years experience, looking for an older sensible horse 15-16h suited to a 12 stone rider. I do not mind mare or gelding, ideally suitable for flatwork clinics & light hacking. I have a stable waiting at a small livery yard based in Hadlow, horses have daily turnout and live out in the summer. If the horse was suitable for my granddaughter to compete in local dressage events that would be lovely, but this is not an essential. 

Applications are kept active for up to 3 months, if you are still looking and have not been contacted with regards to a potential match please just pop us a note to confirm you are still looking. 

Our rehoming criteria is:


Homes based in Kent, or surrounding area (Sussex, Essex, Surrey)

Basic requirements; Suitable secure paddock/field, with at least one other equine for company & either field shelter, good natural shelter or stable.

Are you able to afford all the costs associated with having a horse/pony? Adopter’s are responsible for all costs (unless stated otherwise) and you will need to consider the cost of feed, hay, worming, insurance, vet & farrier bills at least plus things like land rental or livery and all the items needed to provide your horse or pony with the care it needs.

We charge an adoption fee of a set donation per horse. All homes will be checked, references are required, and progress checks will be made. We have a strict no breeding policy, which must be adhered to.

All horses/ponies are adopted out on a permanent loan contract, at no time is the adopter the legal owner of the equine, nor do they have the right to loan, lease, sell or breed from the adopted equine at any time.