Alvin's Appeal...

Alvin is a 4 year old miniature pony, who has a condition called "Scapulohumeral Osteoarthritis" which means the joints in his shoulders aren't formed correctly and he needs surgery to correct this.

Alvin is the most wonderful little character and despite his condition which does cause him pain he has adapted very well and has a zest for life. Alvin's condition is caused by poor breeding and is a hereditary condition. We hope Alvin will be able to be trained as a therapy pony in future as he has the perfect temperament for this role and could bring joy to many people - but to do this we first need to fix him so he has the life he so deserves. Please help us raise the £10,000 needed to get Alvin’s surgery completed & give this lad’s story a happy ending!

We are planning a number of activities to help us reach the goal, details can be found on our Facebook page - if you would like to donate to Alvin's Appeal you can do so in a few ways, you can donate on his crowdfunding page:, you can donate via the Paypal button on our homepage, you can donate via cheque or bank transfer (details on our donation page), you can make a payment direct to the vets for his surgery or you could even run a sponsored event or fundraiser of your own!