This is Alvin (and his human buddy Alec)

Alvin started to train as a therapy pony, however issues with his shoulder have put a stop to his progress currently (see Alvin's Appeal page)

Alvin is hopefully going to be our new Therapy pony, he has the most amazing temperment and weighs around 100kg meaning he is small enough to do indoor therapy work just like Pumpkin did.

Keep looking for updates on Alvin's appeal for his surgery progress, if you can donate a little to help we would hugely appreciate it!

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Pony Therapy is currently postponed, as Pumpkin has retired and is now enjoying life in the field with his best buddy Orlando at Little Fant Farm.

In summer 2014 we rescued a little miniature pony, who we called Pumpkin. Pumpkin has proven to have a very calm temperament and is confident in pretty much any situation, the past year Pumpkin has been doing lots of training, especially around children. He has visited schools and attended fetes and other local events. He has been indoors and has learnt about small steps and manoeuvring round furniture. Pumpkin is trainined to provide “Pony Therapy” locally for adults and children, of all ages and abilities.

Pony therapy can be carried out both indoors and outdoors, Pumpkin wears a special harness, to prevent against ‘accidents’ and is accompanied by a knowledgeable handler at all times. The visits can either be simply interaction, or they can incorporate things such as ribbon plaiting, an activity that promotes movement as well as hand/eye coordination, for many a chance to reminisce too. Grooming and walking with Pumpkin can be included as part of the session, Pumpkin is fully trained to walk alongside a wheelchair or mobility aid. Pumpkin weighs 140kg therefore can go upstairs in most lifts.

As a rescue we have a significant amount of costs to cover, and Pumpkin (along with the rest of our mascot team) play a huge part of this. Some of the horses we rescue have incurred thousands of pounds of veterinary treatment, without vital funds raised by our volunteers and pony mascots we wouldn’t be able to provide this care. All visits will require a donation to the rescue to cover costs of £60 (minimum donation) per session. Transport is charged additionally at £1 per mile to your location, based on a return trip.

Each session can last between 1 – 3 hours depending on individual circumstances. All visits are fully insured for public liability.

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